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Arthur Leipzig - Chalk Games (1950)


Arthur Leipzig - Chalk Games (1950)

Flagship Gear

There is an absolute difference between having “top of the line” gear and been such oneself. Many people seem to confuse that simple truth.

What do I mean?

simple: Having a smartphone with the most cutting edge technology does not make you cutting edge, if you are tech savy you’ll still be tech savy. In the other hand, if you’re a ratchet basic ass bitch, you’ll still be that.

It’s just the same as having a Ferrari or a Porsche won’t make you young or agile.

"Well that doesn’t matter because I am the one who has the cool [possesion] that you’ll never be able to afford"
Yeah, I’m pretty sure that’s what people who microwaved their iPhones (or trew them in the water last year) said…

… so did the old fat guy driving a Maserati
… and that guy with the newest most expensive laptop that also happens to include 50+ viruses due to its terrible (at best) misuse.

Is this rant a product of my jealousy?

Frankly, no.
Why, how, could I be jealous of somebody else’s ignorance and plain stupidity? I’m writing this because is such a sad and pathetic situation to be at. I’ll rather keep my average two year old smartphone and still be able to do more, and a better, than people like that.

…a few hours ago:

Co-worker: I want to have a girl

Me: Yeah, I wan’t to become a dad one day.

One question; If you ever have kids, would you raise them to be gay?

(death stare followed by hysterical laughter) What the fuck dude!

It’s just a question, is that rude to ask? I mean would you let them chose or would you have them be gay

Dude what is that even supposed to mean!?(laughs)

maybe I didn’t phrase it the right way, I mean like when children are raised in christian families, would you let them discover their sexuality or raise them to be gay?

Obviously let them chose their sexuality.

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